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Air Quality Monitoring

PI Labs innovate and introduce EnviSens. Our PoC made with a strong focus on research and technology development results in a more realistic data acquisition by installing an ultra-mobile device on vehicles in transit.
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  • Real-time Monitoring of Air Quality
  • Sustainable Development
  • Digital Services, Consulting, Research
Ultra Portable

Monitoring of the air quality in movement.

Compact and efficiently shaped to attach to any surface.
Can be connected in vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and also in street lamps, city’s street garbage bins and much more.
Key Features

Location-based and more compact.

Sensor technology for environmental data analysis.

The concept of a real-time system empowers the monitoring by indicating quick reactions.


The small device can be portable to everywhere. Compact, light and efficient.


The remote and mobile device returns more realistic data than static stations.


Monitoring the environment in movement results in a better overview of the current situation.

Monitoring to learn and develop.

EnviSens is a connected sensor device to generate real-time images of air quality and environmental conditions in cities and industrial plants.

  • Ultramobile air quality measuring
  • Environmental robustness
  • Live transmission of sensor data
  • Self-sufficient
  • Secure data transfer
Our PoC

EnviSens - Sensor Technology by PI Labs.

Ultra-portable and location-based.
  • Gas sensing (CO, NO2, O3)
  • Particulate matter monitoring (pm10, pm2.5)
  • Temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Powered by solar cell with backup battery
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Ultra-low current consumption

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