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IoT Gateway

Our powerful connectivity device.

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The Gateway by PI Labs is a reliable IoT product that enables constant data collection. One flexible device built to demonstrate the power of IoT and to improve traditional business models.

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Real-time Data Transfer OTA
Enable Constant Data Collection

Connect all related sensors for your business case in a real-time data transfer to the cloud.

Adaptive Data Hub
PI Labs’ Edge Computing Software Solution

Combine the IoT Gateway with PI Labs Adaptive Data Hub to do powerful precalculation on the sensor data and the remote configuration of connected IoT Clients.

Hardware Encryption
Rely on Maximum Security

We address the key concerns for our customers. Data Security for our partners has the highest priority for us.

Numerous Interfaces
Flexible for Multiple Applications

Meet your functional access point for multiple connected sensors granting you to benefit from data-driven smart decisions in the digital era.

Your Benefits

Increase productivity with cutting-edge technology.

Get connected

Discover the real benefits of IoT success within your business.

Create value

Benefit from added value that will bring you more customers.

Analyze Data

Analyze massive data and discover additional benefits and services.

Prevent Downtimes

Stay connected to your needs predicting and avoiding downtimes.

Creating digital value out of the data across all lines of business.

Explore the Internet of Things benefits by discovering our multi-connectivity solution, enabled by Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or mobile network.

  • Connect to manifold on-board interfaces, such as the FMS data interface and ISI.
  • Measure position using a GNSS module.
  • Forward the data to the cloud via mobile network.
  • Rely on maximum security through hardware encryption.
  • Environmental robustness - get connected in adverse and severe environmental conditions.
Our Product
Our Product

IoT Gateway - Internet of Things by PI Labs.

Robust gateway for connectivity.
  • Replaceable SIM card or embedded SIM
  • Supports all mobile communication standards
  • GNSS module
  • External antennas
  • Flexible In/Outputs for various interfaces (RS-232, Modbus, …)
  • CAN, USB and Ethernet interfaces
Our Solutions

The right solution for your business.

Discover the real benefits of IoT success.
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